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Friday, December 15, 2006

Get Well Soon Senator Johnson :

Dear Senator Johnson,

In this difficult time, we want you to know that you and your family are in the thoughts of the entire MoveOn community.

We send you our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

The Whole Community

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


OhMyGod !

When the TopDog is too stupid to catch his next breath without help , Faux News says:

incoming House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D) can't tell the same difference as the Dumbfuck (R) pResident ?


But in the real world, truth is a bitch:
According to Peter Galbraith, a former U.S. diplomat, the President that began the war was unaware there were multiplesects of Islam in the first place.
"A year after his 'Axis of Evil', Bush met with three Iraqi Americans, one of whom became postwar Iraq’s first representative to the United States. During their conversation with the President, Galbraith claims, it became apparent to them that Bush was unfamiliar with the distinction between Sunnis and Shiites.

Galbraith reports that the three of them spent some time explaining to Bush that there are two different sects in Islam--to which the President allegedly responded, 'I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!'”

But in Bushit Medialand, this doesn't matter, facts do not seem to matter. I watch/listen to 3-4 hours of cable nooze each day and I've NEVER heard them mention the above connected to the BushitIdiot...

I wonder why ???
maybe I should wonder why I wonder...

Monday, December 11, 2006

No, No , NO . ReThugliKKKans are CLEAN, not Corrupt!

( hat tip: )

Oh,,,you mean the facts say they ARE Corrupt?

Well, if you must count, this stuff may qualify ...

* Lester Crawford - Commissioner, FDA - resigned after only two months on the job. Pleaded guilty to conflict of interest and making false statements.

* Carl Truscott - Director, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau - resigned. A report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General found that Truscott wasted tens of thousands of dollars on luxuries, wasted millions on whimsical management decisions and violated ethics rules by ordering employees to help his nephew with a high school video project.

* Joseph Schmitz - Inspector General, Defense - Resigned amid charges he personally intervened to protect top political appointees.

* Brian Doyle - Deputy Press Secretary, DHS - Resigned in wake of child sex scandal. Pleaded no contest to 32 criminal counts.

* Claude Allen - Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy- resigned, pleaded guilty to shoplifting from Target stores.

* David Safavian - former head of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy at the Office of Management and Budget - convicted of lying to ethics officials and Senate investigators about his ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

* Steven Griles - Deputy Secretary at the Interior Department - resigned, currently under investigation by the Justice Department for his ties to Jack Abramoff.

* Susan Ralston - assistant, White House - resigned amidst revelations that she had accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from Abramoff without compensating him, counter to White House ethics rules.

* Dusty Foggo - Executive Director, CIA - stepped down following accusations of corruption in connection to the Duke Cunningham scandal. Under investigation.

* Larry Franklin - intelligence officer, Defense - resigned, pleaded guilty to passing secrets to Israel.

* Janet Rehnquist - Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services - resigned in the face of allegations she blocked a politically dangerous probe on behalf of the Bush family.

* Roger Stillwell - desk officer, Interior Department - pleaded guilty to failing to report Redskins tickets and free dinners from Jack Abramoff.

* Ken Tomlinson, Board Chairman, Corporation for Public Broadcasting; member, Broadcasting Board of Governors - resigned at the release of an inspector general report concluding he had broken laws in spending CPB money to hire politically connected consultants to search for “bias” without consulting the board. At BBG, a separate investigation found he was running a “horse racing operation” out of his office, and continuing to hire politically-wired individuals to do “consulting” work for him. He’s still there.

* George Deutsch - press aide, NASA - resigned amid allegations he prevented the agency’s top climate scientist from speaking publicly about global warming.

* Richard Perle - Chairman, Defense Policy Board - resigned from Pentagon advisory panel amid conflict-of-interest charges.

* Frank Figueroa - senior DHS official, former head of anti-sex-crime Operation Predator - pleaded no contest to exposing himself to 16-year-old girl in Florida mall. Girl says he fondled himself for ten minutes. Figueroa forfeited his badge, gun, and access to databases; employment status pending internal DHS review.

* James Roche - secretary, U.S. Air Force - resigned in the wake of the Boeing tanker lease scandal, after it was revealed he had rather crudely pushed for Boeing to win a $23 billion contract.

* Darleen Druyun - senior contracting official, U.S. Air Force - pleaded guilty and sentenced to nine months in prison for her role in the Boeing tanker lease scandal.

* Marvin Sambur - top contracting executive, U.S. Air Force - Druyun’s boss, Sambur resigned in the wake of the scandal. Investigations cleared him of wrongdoing.

* Philip Cooney - chief of staff, White House Council on Environmental Quality - a former oil industry lawyer with no scientific expertise, Cooney resigned after it was revealed he had watered down reports on global warming.

Never . Fucking . MIND .

Update: More keep rolling in.

Jesus CHRIST ! Of COURSE the Pentagon Jumps with Jesus.

(hat tip: )

Well,,, if Christian Jesus4America can't fight a BushitBloody War against Muslim Evil Doers , what Fucking Good is HE ?

"...Air Force Maj. Gen. Jack Catton (said) that he would discuss his faith with people who came to his Joint Staff directorate within the Pentagon. " ( ...just before ordering deadly bombing strikes on Muslim homes and villages . Praise JESUS ! )

That's because RepubliKKKan
AmericanJesus guides bombs and death to thwart the Muslim terrorist (and civilian) ! See BushIraq civil war example.

Thank you DogButt Jesus: America is Winning Our BushitChristian W-ar !!!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Video Mad weekend

Way cool stuff's a few:

Train Surfing


3D pinball EasterEgg

Extreme Dice Stacking

Presidential Commission stuff(in pre-Bushit America)


Cool Trick (my friend says this used to be a racist joke tho...)

85 years in 40 seconds


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is anybody in control of these News Crawls ?

Friday morning on MSNBC was kinda like a (good) LSD flashback to those of us reading the news crawl at the bottom of the screen. We were getting to GroundhogDay the week before the '06 mid-terms !

Cool Man................

I just love the way the story ends.

At around 10:45 et when I noticed that it was on polls in the Senate race between Menendez /KeanJr , I set up the vcr and got these...

And then they had this breaking news,,,Man, I love it that HypocriteHaggard can "step down" TWICE from his church.

At 10:55 et the crawl went dead and didn't come back for almost an hour. Oh well...

( I just noticed our tree in the background of my pics. Ha! )

Have a Merry Holiday everyone !

Friday, December 08, 2006

Can we just uhmm,,,KillBill INSTEAD ?

...Just Kid-ding as Bill Maher would say, HaHa .


But whata DumbFuckDemagogue our pal Billo is. Here's his latest craziness (12-5-6):

"...we (may) have to, (for) example, you know, ( DUH,) level cities like Tehran, kill hundreds of thousands of (OTHER ) people, which... (others) may have to do..." (remaining in-audible due to slobbering and gnashing of teeth)

The funniest thing about the FalafelKid is that he actually believes his fetid shtick . The shtick that says: "My opinion is Fact, and yours is pure horseshit..." . Mr Orally is the human-looking male who has the nerve to say "The NO Spin Zone" applies to the twist he places on EVERY freakin' issue. Can you say: ( phony ) WarOnXmas ?

And this dickwad sperms it sideways on more important things than the weather or local sports. Kinda like your annoying know-it-all and very creepy uncle with that bad aftershave covering his bad smells and bad excuses covering...? Bad,,, touch MMmmmm (wink) ?

I mean COME (LOO) "F" (AH) ing ON ! We ALL know that everything Orilly says is just aNother turn of the mind-screw , more of his asshole opinion just like the rest of us. There would not be a problem HE were to acknowledge this ,,,BUT,

Here's the Diff :

You and I know that much if not most of what we say, write, or expound upon is spin, just our opinion.
Again, No problema.

Mr. Bill on the other hand, believes his word is THE Word (of GawdBill) on whatever XY or Z is the hot topic at our American political/cultural kitchen table .

So the question for today is:

Bill Oreilly ,,, insane or murder crazy ? We already know he's a ChickenHawk, but for now the only question is,,, is Billo FUCKING INSANE ? Or does he just have Murder in his dark heart ?

Only the...Shadow knows, Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm Hm hmHMMMMMMMm !

Sunday, December 03, 2006

It AIN'T Terrrrrriizzuuum if a White Guy or Christian does it...

A white supremacist was recently sentenced for his attempted bloody terrorism. Remember Bill Orilliy , Chris "Tweety" Matthews and Sean insHannity ranting their warnings about this threat to democracy from the American Reich?

Crocker, who told undercover FBI agents of his desire to explode a briefcase bomb while Congress was in session, was found guilty by a jury in about 90 minutes in April.

Oh yeah,,,they and much of the media didn't of course. No story here, move along. But I bet every newsy American knows about a tow-truck driver with a blowtorch and his bogus, evil plot to take down the Brooklyn Bridge tho. Because in CorporateWhoreMedialand, Don Quijote stories about our national security are more important than real threats and events. We wouldn't want to interfere with furthering the corporate whore meme ; "It's just brown-skinned Muslim people we gotta worry about, not white Christians..." . Would we,,,HHHmmmmm?

And then there is this KrazyKhristianKook who our beloved media virtually ignored just last month:

"He doesn't believe they were practicing and applying the Bible the way he thought it should be. He thought there should be a strict, narrow interpretation of the Bible," Warren County Sheriff Larry Cleveland said.

Just like they didn't cover another biblebrother-in-arms, this Christian Terrorist , back in July '04. The dreaded whine of: "...too close to an election..." probably came up in editorial meetings. Being the responsible Fourth Estate folk they are, they sat on it for the time being, you know.

So,,,what happened after the election ?

What The Fuck's goin' on NOW that they can't cover ongoing Christiofascism in America?!?!?


Friday, December 01, 2006

Take THAT Bill Orilly !

This little girl sure knows her ass from her Billo Bushit,,,

Keith says it ALL


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thank You ReligiousRanters: This list Rocks ! YOU Still Suck.

Hey Homophobes, this is a wonderful service you haters have done for the entire American community, all the way down to gay friendly "straight, but not narrow" folks like we here at BushBlows.

God says: " Homophobes SUCK" . As much as Religious Racists ! Be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim or non-religious Atheist/Agnostic.


You are just today's
corrupt version of the deadly hate of America's recent past, differing only in degree. You are the great-grandchildren of the bible-thumping evil doers who often proudly posed next to the swinging body of a lynched, un-judged black man and often hung this pic alongside your beloved photo of Jesus. Those white supremist bible-believing racists of yesteryear are just todays scripture quoting homophobes. You-all prove that every day. You can't hate blacks anymore so you flipped to hating fags. Hate disguised as Religion is still HATE. And if you can put your weak minds around this; "God HATES Hate" .

I've included the entire page of links because I'm sure they'll go down soon as you figure out that this helps your "enemies" . Mother/Father God works in mysterious ways...

>>>Postcard (above) depicting the lynching of Lige Daniels, Center, Texas, USA, August 3, 1920. The back reads, "This was made in the court yard in Center, Texas. He is a 16 year old Black boy. He killed Earl's grandma. She was Florence's mother. Give this to Bud. From Aunt Myrtle."<<<)(now on to the advertised list...)

Pro-Homosexuality Resources

Homosexual Pedophilia Activists

Pro-Homosexuality Websites

Pro-Homosexuality Political Groups

Copyright © 2006 Americans for Truth. All Rights Reserved.

(HA HA )


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cool, "FirstFive" of Hundreds, maybe thousands-O-Bushits

Sure,,, there's only 5 FUCK UPS the Corporate MediaWhores (where did MediaWhoresOnline go?) could find to highlight at this time. Granted, they did say "fatal" , so that narrows it down. At least until Dems take control this January and restore investigation and accountability to Congress. I see this as the way to have the American majority demanding impeachment for every RePiglican that has held national office in the last 5 unconstitutional years.

a Tough Democrat we Love: Sen. Jim Webb-Va.

"...he was tempted to slug the commander-in-chief. "

On Capital Hill the other day, at a reception for newly elected members of Congress, Senator elect Webb tried to stay out of the Bushit sphere of evil. No pResidential reception line or photo opp with Dubya's mug was in Jim's plans that day. But...

The Lil' Dictator wasn't gonna have any avoidance of his Godly Wonderfulness so he planted his Holy ass in front of Mr. Webb and said:

"How's your boy?"

(Webb's son serves in the Bushit Iraq civil war)

Senator Webb: "I'd like to get them out of Iraq (lies-o-bush started this bloody conflict) , Mr. President."

bush: "That's not what I asked you (mr. 'uniter' , showing his testy, petty side) , How's your boy?"

Senator Webb: "That's between me and my boy, Mr. President." (as usual, the dumbfuck-in-chief had no reply (to honest directness) and... Cue music. We lived happily ever after. Although happy to me woulda ended with Webb following thru on his violent but understandable American impulse.)


Peace Sign Heros

Peace sign wreath STAYS. Idiot "deciders" in hiding.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Why fight in Daddy's War when you can PARTY?

Being able to run naked in more than one language?
$1000's of taxpayer dollars

Not having the manners of a former Frat Boy"?
sad, very sad

And when you are the pResident's drunken kids and you're harming America's image abroad?


( Jenna Bush and not Jenna Bush pictured at party last year)


is Mormon Mitt Fit ?

" I don't know,,,Davey."

I wonder, would America elect a Wiccan for Prez? How 'bout a guy or gal who practices Hinduism, would that fly? Most likely Not.

It may have something to do with some of their beliefs such as many Gods and well, many Gods, respectively.

Questions about Mitt Romney, Mormonism and the Oval Office are a natural part of any thinking American's process to choose our next Leader. I had and have many questions about bush, Kerry and all politicians who wear their religion on their sleeve. The reason is; I do not need anybody telling me what to do with MY life. Specially any fool who "...can't even run his own life, I'll be Damned if he'll run mine..." as the song Sunshine says. Shine a light, and I may follow. Loudly, cynically and rudely try sell me anything (such as your religiopolitical FlipFlops) , and I'll oppose you to the end.

Now there are some who will go into bigotry to make a point and that is their burden to carry, not mine. I think satire combined with straight news is a great way to learn, discover and illustrate an issue. Can you say: "The Daily Show" ?


When religious Extremists Attack...

Gee, I didn't know that symbols of Peace & the Holidays were considered to be protest and/or satanic. Guess I have a lot to learn. Maybe it's that since bush was "sent by God" and the bloody Iraq Civil War is the BushitIdiot's "greatest" creation; it follows that Peace is Anti-bush/Anti-God. Get it?
I wonder how many thousands of these go up around America? On houses and cars. Thanks to the Nutty Nannies.
Happy Holidays to All...(sane people)


Sunday, November 26, 2006

You can't Protest a War without music...

Dance On, KennyBoy...
Wow, I did not know there were So many songs protesting the Bushit Idiot's Iraq Civil War !

Top Ten (as of 11/26/06)
1.Where Do We Go For Love - Freddie Fry
2.Bring Em On - John Hughes
3.Smokescreen - Andrew Bayuk
4.Save The USA - Andrew Bayuk
5.We'll Buy A Flag - Robert Morgan Fisher
6.The Beat of the Drum - Paul H Watters
7.Time Will Come - Tol-Puddle Martyrs
8.Jester King - Robert Morgan Fisher
9.Nero - Lost Art
10.When Your Soldier Comes Back Home - Martha Ann Brooks

When the Village Idiot speaks "for" America

I can't think of a thing to add to this other than...
(hat tip: )

>>>May I Quote You, Mr. President?

A selection of 50 quotes from President George W. Bush, for entertainment or meditation
by Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay

November 19, 2006

(the Top Ten)

•A man lost in his geography:
1-"We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe."
George W. Bush
2-"It's time for the human race to enter the solar system."
George W. Bush
3-"The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country."
George W. Bush

•A man lost in his logic:
4-" It isn't pollution that's harming the environment.
It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it. "
George W. Bush
5-"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."
George W. Bush
6-"These people are trying to shake the will of the Iraqi citizens, and they want us to leave...I think the world would be better off if we did leave..."
George W. Bush
7-"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."
George W. Bush
8-"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
George W. Bush
9-"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
George W. Bush
10-Well, I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness.
George W. Bush

•And, last but not least, CONSIDERING THE MESS IN IRAQ:
50-“I don’t have the foggiest idea about what I think about international, foreign policy.”
George W. Bush

Rodrigue Tremblay is professor emeritus of economics at the University of Montreal and a frequent contributor to Global Research. He is the author of 'The New American Empire'. The above article was first published on Professor Tremblay's blog site at:


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Something I am Thankful for today

A wonderful example of a man's journey into knowledge

I recently discovered this natural history illustrator, Olduvai George ; aka: Carl Buell. He has one of the most interesting and inspiring non-political blogs I've come across. He's the nicest and most talented man I've ever learned from, while not realizing that I'm learning, discovering and growing. Whether that makes sense or not, check this man's stuff out, you will be glad you did.



Wednesday, November 22, 2006

FINAL "F" ing LY, it's Democratic, NOT Democrat Party!

One Syllable of Civility

By Ruth Marcus

Wednesday, November 22, 2006; Page A21

If he wanted to, President Bush could change the tone in Washington with a single syllable: He could just say "ic." That is, he could stop referring to the opposition as the "Democrat Party" and call the other side, as it prefers, the Democratic Party.
The derisive use of "Democrat" in this way was a Bush staple during the recent campaign. "There are people in the Democrat Party who think they can spend your money far better than you can," he would say in his stump speech, or, "Raising taxes is a Democrat idea of growing the economy," or, "However they put it, the Democrat approach in Iraq comes down to this: The terrorists win and America loses."

But even as he promised to work to change the tone in Washington after the elections, the president couldn't manage to change his language. In his day-after-the-elections news conference, Bush employed this needling locution five times. "This morning, I spoke with Republican and Democrat leadership in the House and Senate," he began, adding, "it is clear the Democrat Party had a good night last night." That was followed by references to "Democrat leaders," "Democrat leadership" and "Democrat votes," as in, "We got some tax cuts passed with Democrat votes." Geez, you'd think he'd at least give them the -ic when they vote for his tax cuts.
The president isn't alone in his adjectival aversion to "Democratic" when it comes to the party. The provenance of the sneering label "Democrat Party" stretches back to the Harding administration. William Safire traced an early usage to Harold Stassen, who was managing Wendell Willkie's 1940 campaign against Franklin D. Roosevelt. A party run by political bosses, Stassen told Safire for a 1984 column, "should not be called a 'Democratic Party.' It should be called the 'Democrat party.' "
Democrat Party was used, pardon the phrase, liberally by Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy. According to the Columbia Guide to Standard American English, " Democrat as an adjective is still sometimes used by some twentieth-century Republicans as a campaign tool but was used with particular virulence" by McCarthy, "who sought by repeatedly calling it the Democrat party to deny it any possible benefit of the suggestion that it might also be democratic." The word also achieved a prominent run with Bob Dole's especially ugly reference to "Democrat wars" during the 1976 vice presidential debate.
But Democrat-as-epithet has seen its fullest flowering -- on talk radio, among congressional leaders and, more than with any of his predecessors, from the president himself -- during the recent Republican heyday. As Hendrik Hertzberg pointed out in the New Yorker in August, the conservative Web site takes pains to scrub Associated Press copy "to de-'ic' references" to the party.
There is, I concede, a trivial, sticks-and-stones quality to this linguistic bickering. "Two thousand, eight hundred, forty-seven votes in Montana may break your control," the Democrats might taunt the GOP, "but names will never hurt us." As any parent who's ever had to mediate between squabbling siblings could tell them, "He's only doing it because he knows it bothers you. If you don't respond to him, he'll stop." After all, Democrats, what's so terrible about being called Democrat, small "d" or large?
But as a matter of simple politeness -- something the Bush family is famously good at -- it's rude to call people by a term that makes them bristle, even a seemingly innocuous one. There's also something grating and coarse-sounding about this abbreviated appellation, like saying "Jew" instead of "Jewish." It is, conservative wordsmith William F. Buckley wrote in National Review in 2002, "offensive to the ear."
And with reason: It's intended to be. Republican -- Publican? -- politicians drop the -ic both to annoy the opposition and to diminish the big-D Democrats' claim to the small-d democratic virtues. " 'Democrat Party' is a slur, or intended to be -- a handy way to express contempt," Hertzberg wrote. "At a slightly higher level of sophistication, it's an attempt to deny the enemy the positive connotations of its chosen appellation."
In the few weeks since the election, the president has followed up his syrupy rhetoric of cooperation with a series of face slaps: pushing the doomed nomination of John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations, resubmitting the equally doomed nominations of a quartet of offensive judicial selections and naming a physician to head the federal family planning program who works for clinics that refuse to offer birth control.
So it's probably naive to give any credence to the presidential happy talk and blue ties. But if, just maybe, the president wants to do more than pay lip service to the notion of a new tone in Washington, he could start by just paying lip service.


(Until "they" call us the Democratic Party ,,,RePigliKKKans can Go to HELL !)


"...Who is going to be the last soldier to die for a mistake?"
John Kerry

Rangel Is Right


Charlie Rangel is angry about the Iraq war, the one that Henry Kissinger has told us we can't win. Thanks, Henry, but most Americans figured that out before you did. Rangel saw combat in Korea. Kissinger has only seen combat on TV. That might have something to do with why Kissinger thinks our troops should stay in Iraq even though we can't win.

Kissinger says that if we leave now, all hell will break loose and Iraq will never achieve stability. Never mind that all hell has already broken loose. Never mind that Kissinger said the same thing would happen if we left Vietnam--all hell would break loose and Vietnam would never achieve stability. Vietnam has become so stable that Presidents Clinton and Bush, both combat cowards during the Vietnam war, have made well publicized, utterly safe visits to the country Kissinger used to think didn't have a chance without us.
In my one conversation with Kissinger, which occurred on TV, I asked him if he knew anyone who got killed in Vietnam. He was completely thrown. He doesn't go on TV to be asked such small-minded questions, he goes on TV to pontificate and TV interviewers are happy to let him do it. Kissinger sputtered and ran away from the question, leaving the distinct impression that he did not know anyone who was killed in the war he managed. His memoir of the period does not mention a single casualty. If you have ever stood at the Vietnam Memorial and run your hand over the name of a relative on the wall, as my mother and I did last month, you can get as angry as Charlie Rangel does about people like Kissinger deciding how long our soldiers should be exposed to enemy fire in a war we know we can't win.
Rangel announced on Sunday that he wants to reinstate the draft. He said the same thing a few years ago but quickly let on that he wasn't serious. He's playing it straight this time and has already introduced a bill. Local New York TV news has given Rangel saturation coverage. You can see his anger and frustration building each time he answers another reporter's question about the draft. The point he keeps repeating is: "There's no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from their communities would be placed in harm's way."
Rangel could never get such attention to that message without introducing his bill. Nancy Pelosi should let it come to a vote. She should let the House debate the draft. Let the Republicans give speeches listing all the good reasons why we should have a volunteer Army. But let's hear Rangel's speech about how the burden of war is not fairly shared in this country. Let's get America thinking about exactly who is being left in the line of fire in the war Americans have turned against and know we can't win. Let's get America thinking about John Kerry's line about Vietnam--who is going to be the last soldier to die for a mistake? A real debate on the draft will do that. Don't worry, the bill has no chance of passing.
Well over 95% of Americans, including Congress and White House staff, have no personal connection to this war--no relative or friend serving in Iraq. Over 99% of us have made no sacrifice for this war--we have not paid one more penny of taxes nor shed a drop of family blood. One of my military relatives thinks of it this way: "The American military is at war, but America is not at war."
Advocating war is easier when you and your family are not endangered by it. I've reached a Rangel-like breaking point with my TV pundit colleagues who championed the Iraq war and now say we can't leave even if we went there for the wrong reasons. For every one of them, I have a simple question: Why aren't you in Iraq? Or why did you avoid combat in your generation's war? The one unifying characteristic that all of us men in make-up on political chat shows share is fear of combat. Every one of us has done everything we can to avoid combat or even being fitted for a military uniform. Just like George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Dick Cheney, we are all combat cowards. It takes a very special kind of combat coward to advocate combat for others. It's the kind of thing that can get you as angry as Charlie Rangel.

Lawrence O'Donnell

===Sign up NOW, all you ChickenHawk Republican"Bravehearts" ! ========

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Swear in the bush Admin. witness !


the Democratic Party WON ! the Democratic Party WON ! the Democratic Party WON !

America WON !

Accountability NOW !

(updated 11/27/06)
Full of CRAPo (R-Id)----------

Corrupt ReThug Senator Crapo/Delay BRIBE Connection.
MediaWhores Confused.-----------------------

(this from AmericaBLOG )
GOP Senator gets more contributions from Virgin Islands than from his own state
by John in DC - 3/15/2006 07:32:00 PM

That's never good...


Thursday, March 16, 2006
Crapo donations questioned

Related stories
Idaho government and politics
Associated Press

March 15, 2006
BOISE – U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, received more than twice as much money in donations from people in the U.S. Virgin Islands than from his home state last year, according to the Federal Elections Commission.
That prompted the Senate Majority Project, a Democratic interest group, to question Crapo's involvement in the islands, which have a population of 110,000 people.
Crapo had received $39,000 from Virgin Islands residents by the end of the 2005-06 election cycle, compared with just under $20,000 from Idaho residents.
Lobbyists for the islands are trying to reduce the number of days a person must remain on the islands to be considered a resident, an issue that could have tax benefits.
Currently, under a 2004 act of Congress, individuals must spend at least half the year in the Virgin Islands to be considered a resident for tax purposes. Lobbyists would like to see that reduced to an average of 122 days per year over a three-year period.
Crapo, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, is looking into the issue.
"He's very much involved in the philosophy states should be able to determine states' business," Crapo spokeswoman Susan Wheeler told the Idaho State Journal. "And in the same vein, territories should be able to determine the tax benefits that bolster business and the economy."
Wheeler said that encouraging economic development in the islands would help reduce an illegal drug and slave trade.
"It's in the United States' best interest to have the Virgin Islands prosper," she said.

(my EASY SEARCH: crapo delay virgin islands)

Web Results 1-10 of 626. Powered by Google
Virgin Islands Are at Center of Dispute on Tax Break - New York TimesWealthy homeowners in the Virgin Islands want Congress to drop a new rule thatthey must spend half the year there to get ... Can This Film Hurt Tom DeLay? ...
Liberal Idaho Cause it's our state too...As the Sun reported last week, the governor of the Virgin Islands, CharlesTurnbull, identified Messrs. Crapo, Thomas, Smith, and Talent, ... - Cached
Complete E-Mail Addresses for Congress, Senate, Governors & State ...Michael Crapo (R) Fax: 202-228-1375 Rep. Clement "Butch" Otter (R-1) Fax: 202-225-3029... Virgin Islands Gov. Charles Turnbull (D) State Legislature Links ... - Cached
Ft. Boise weblog, March, 2006Answer: our Senator Mike Crapo (he likes it CRAY-poe, in case you were wondering)... consulting the Virgin Islands government," and "may have gone too far. ... - Cached
Ft. Boise weblog, March, 2006Answer: our Senator Mike Crapo (he likes it CRAY-poe, in case you were ...test to a bright line 183 days in the Virgin Islands if you want the tax break. ... - Cached
Daily Kos: Pombo Rides Again: S 2110 and Wild SkySenator Mike Crapo (R-ID) introduced S 2110, the Senate version of Pombo's "revision"of the ... Donna M. Christensen, Virgin Islands. Ron Kind, Wisconsin ... - Cached
Territorial Referendum... Greg Ganske, Tom Latham, Larry E. Craig, Michael D. Crapo, Mike Simpson, ...America Samoa and the US Virgin Islands should also be considered. ... - Cached
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Please, Please, PLEASE... Attack me ! Call me a traitor or commie, tell me to get a job or some other GOP idiot crap you-all spew when Liberals protest.

I'm starting to feel ignored (sigh), and I need your disapproval. Where have you been? I wear your distain as a badge of honor, you know. And that's the only thing I agree with "Drug"Rush on.

I highly value liberal/progressive feedback and participation on this GWBLOWS blog. But I STRONGLY encourage and fervently solicit Bushit WingNut participation as your incoherant rants are SOOO fun, enlightening and historically ignorant .

But I know that BushitReThugliKKKans are just Big Pussies and only speak out when their asses are covered. So I'll probably wait and wait.

What I want, what I need, shit, what I crave is your BushitLoverFuck condemning, judgemental crazyness to wash over me like the spoodge of wanton "W" lust your kind spew on the CorporateCableWhore tv shows and CrazyFukAMRadio . But history shows you'll only do it when you fetid fools are in the majority, only when you have the fix in, ONLY when you are safe in your Bushit...

Try it here, try promoting BushLies on this blog. I promise to let you speak your mind (as long as you have one) and I'll respect you every bit as much as you respect me. Sorta like the "escalation of violence" policy cops use in a confrontation. You spit on me, I'll grab smack me, I'll hit you smash me...well lets just say I'll have verbal, sadistic fun with your lunatic idiocy.

PLEASE report me ( IF, you are a Patriot) to Sean "LiesAlot" Insannity, Bill "Loofah" O'Really ( KeithOlbermannKeithOlbermannKeithOlbermann!) or DrugRush LimpBagg . Those HoseBags will surely set me Reich.

Duh...I forgot, WingNut BushBlowers are PussyCowards and I'll be twiddling my Liberal e-thumbs waiting for any confrontation and joy. Oh well...

The pic is the latest ProtestBushit truck sign I've been riding around Boise lately. I get alot of thumbs up from folk on the road but my favorite reaction is when BushitWingNuts flip me off or yell at me. The only problem is... Neo-ConLovers here in Boise are like Most ReThugs, TyrantPussies who only speak up if my girlfriend is driving the truck. They NEVER get into it when I'm driving and my disapointment is eternal and boundless.

Liberal readers will please forward my rants to any WingNut friend or associate available.


I await your feedback...

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