Friday, December 12, 2008

So-called bi-partisanship from the 'R' s ...

Death on Two Legs is the ONLY thing* they contribute .

---I was and am excited by Obama's win , it's taken me some time to digest it all . So other than some happy tears , I've been relatively subdued .

...'Cause I knew the ReTHUGlicans would continue to Screw the working-class in all "they" do . This latest time is the Big 3 Auto Loan legislation in the US Senate . It's like the Game-Over GOP is actively working on some sorta evil mission to destroy America (further) .

If ya take a shower before work , "they" give ya a BJ Bail-out .

If ya shower after work , it's "F" You , ya greedy bastards !

One question remains , , , will President Obama & the Democratic Congress tell "them" ta Shove IT , WE control the Government

...or will we continue to (act like we) love it as Republicans play yesterday's game ?


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